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Photography in Vancouver


   Photography in Vancouver is a huge medium, however, and commercial photography requires you to be aware of your likes and dislikes. Discover what moves you visually and what does not. This is important whether you are a novice with no camera experience or a working professional. You may not know what exact area of commercial photography in which you will finally land, but an awareness of what you like will help to narrow the field. You can rule out things in which you simply have no interest.


Vancouver photography
Vancouver photography

    You can also rule out areas about which you have no opinion. If you aren't moved or inspired by a particular kind of photography, move on. You may find several categories that interest you. Write them down, and as your research and your visual vocabulary grow, keep track of how these categories expand or shrink. For example, I have a friend in the profession who likes black and white imagery, travel photography, and editorial "slice of life" type photographs that feature people.

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