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   Travel photography is often sold as stock, but there are many professionals who make a good living at travel or travel related photography alone. It is used in advertisements for airlines, cruise ships, hotel chains, travel agencies, and so on. It can be scenic or merely show the plane or ship as the featured product, or it can resemble lifestyle photography. Tom Hawkins resides in Vancouver Canada and is available worldwide for assignments

   Travel photography can be a great medium for people who like to travel and photograph people and who enjoy the combination of on location and studio lighting. Travel assignments are sometimes on location in exotic places. Other assignments are for a very specific commercial application, such as a particular country's board of tourism. You may be asked to shoot a specific product ad or brochure, such as that for an airline, a cruise ship, a tour company, or even ads for energy companies or an environmental group.

     The subjects of these images may be people dining in the ballroom of a cruise ship, a couple standing on the bow at sunset, a tropical island shot from the ship's deck, or a child in the ship's swimming pool. The images can be very traditional or documentary like when used for editorial or educational purposes. For example, say a travel photographer is covering wine vineyards in Western Canada. The assignment may show the grapevines and their fruit in various stages of growth and ripeness. It may show whole hillsides of vines in the sunset. The photographer may choose to show portraits of the growers and shots of the bottling and aging facilities. The possibilities for this type of photography in Canada are endless.


Travel Photographers in Canada
travel photographers in Canada

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