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   Some BC tourism have clients who send them on trips to cover specific material or stories across Canada. They may spend one day at the location or several months. Other tourism photographers know their client base, and they travel to self assigned destinations knowing they will be able to sell their photography upon completion.

When Vancouver photographers "bid" on an assignment to go on location for a client (meaning presenting an estimate of how much he or she will charge to do the job), they must be especially careful to research where they are going and how long they will be staying. Some bids require extensive research because the photographer must cover travel, transportation at the site, food, lodging, film, processing, assistants, guides, special needs such as canoes or boats, and any other foreseeable cost.

Canadian Tourism Photographers who go on self assigned jobs should still be savvy business people. If you go, you should track all of your expenses so that you know exactly what the trip will cost you in terms of hard costs and in terms of time. This will, in turn, let you track whether the job was worthwhile or how you should curtail expenses for your next trip.

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BC Tourism Photographer

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