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Modeling Headshots Package #1 more information

Can I come in for a consultation?
Sure just a give a call before and you can come on by and check out the studio and view some of my photos.

What exactly is included?
• approx. 1 hour photo session, World class photographs taken by Tom Hawkins
• 1 Fully retouched 8x10 print (black and white or colour)
• 2 discs (1 preview disc) (1 master print file disc) more info on discs>>
• available by request at no cost > an 8x10 digital master print file with your name and info on the bottom.

What if I want more copies of the same print?
I will provide a master file CD that you can take to a reproduction printer like "rocket repro" or "Gamma pro" and print as many copies as your heart desires.

Can I get other Photos printed from the photo session?
Yes each additional (different pose) 8x10 that you would like enlarged is $25 (this price includes touch ups)

This photo session usually takes about an hour , although there is no time limit.

Photos can be shot in my large comfortable studio or at an outdoor location.

What to wear?
Wear something simple or fashionable without going over board. Clothing should fit well and show off your form and elegance. If in doubt bring a few options an we will decide together. Avoid major fashion statements or any clothes that will distract from the main feature (that being you of course).

Go with a hairstyle that works for you and has worked in the past. The photo session is not the time try out a radical new style. If you use product in your hair, you can bring extra with you. Also unless you are getting your hair done,, bring your favorite brush in case we need to get rid of some frizzies.

About 60% of my Modeling Headshot clients get professional makeup done. I would suggest professional make up if you are unable to do proficient job of evening out the tone and getting rid of dark circles under the eyes. In many cases doing your own make will suffice if you have makeup skills.

A professional can usually be hired for $50, in most cases they will do a simple style for your hair as well.

If I choose to do my own make up , can I apply it at your studio?
Yes, no problem, just let me know in advance.

Color or Black and White?
You can have your choice or both if you want . All photos are taken in color and can be converted to black and white.

Can you do touch ups?
Yes you get the Tom Hawkins famous touch ups at no extra cost.

When do I get my Photos?
You can see your previews in as little as 24 hours. After you pick which one or ones you would like printed; allow 1 week for touch up and printing. Special rush jobs are available upon request.

How do I see my previews?
You will receive a preview CD or if you are really anxious to see your photos, I can post them to my website in a dedicated preview area (no one else will be able to see them). If you really need 4x6 paper proofs this can be arranged by request.

I'm nervous !?
A successful modeling career will be determined by your relationship with the camera. The time is now to release your anxiety and just go for it. It's almost therapeutic in a sense, just have fun, let go and see what you can bring to the camera. The final image must show your inner spirit and style. The more at ease you are, and comfortable you are in your own skin the better the photos will turn out. Worrying about what others will think is a waste of time. If you relax and have a good time you will have excellent photos to show to everyone!

Things to remember while shooting:
• put your shoulders at ease.
• relax your eyebrows
• Draw the viewer in with your eyes
• good posture
• make sure your arms and hands have purpose
• If you smile, make it genuine, think of a funny moment in time
• relax
• if you don't like your pose, change it
• be comfortable and natural in your pose

If you need help posing , this is no problem , I have plenty of experience working with first time models .



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