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Commercial Photography Pricing

Prices are according to the project so please feel free to ask for a Estimate on your given project.

Photo Touch-ups: I will usually include a designated amount of touch ups in my day rate. Going over and above the allotted amount will incur small additional costs.

Questions and Answers about Commercial Photography:

Q: We know you can provide but can we bring our own make up / hair / stylist?
A: Yes you can certainly bring any team members you may require.

Q: We have a product or clothing line and know what type of mood and feeling we want to convey, but we are not sure on what the final image should look like, can you help us with some ideas?
A: Yes, this is the type of photography that I thrive on. If you provide me with the mood, feeling, tonality, and some examples of what you really like and dislike, then I can devise a proposed image style and describe/sketch out the final image.

Q: Can you shoot at a location? Such as a restaurant or outdoor location?
A: Yes, my lighting equipment can be fully portable and I have ample experience with location photography.

Q: Are there any additional costs to shooting outdoors?
A: Yes, there can be. Location rentals as well as portable power pack rentals may be applicable. In some special cases separate insurance is required if shooting on city property.

Q: Can we have access to the RAW files?
A: Yes, but only in the event that you are an advertising or film production agency or will be forwarding the files to your own post production specialist.



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