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Glamour Photography in Vancouver

Glamour photography is an artistic representation of the human form. Moreover to glamorize a photograph is to add special sense of compelling and exciting attractiveness to the photo. The essence of quality glamour photography is understanding this point.

To simply make someone look good in a photo would be a failure as a glamour photograph. The person must look better and more fantastic than ever before. Almost a surreal beauty must be revealed.

Tom Hawkins specializes in high artistic fashion style glamour photography. It is his life mission to create timeless images that inspire the mind and dazzle the eye.

Glamour Photography is more than just making someone look good in a photograph. It is about making someone realize their true inner beauty. When a model makes a connection with their inner self, releasing all apprehension and mental oppressions, the true beauty is exposed and fantastic photographs are made.


Glamour and Boudoir Photography

Glamour or boudoir photography is the delicate art of allowing a woman to expresser herself in a sensual but tasteful manner. This differs form basic nude or sexy photos in that they are not photos with the purpose to merely excite men but rather to empower women through their own sense of expression and what they feel is beautiful.

Tom Hawkins is very experienced in glamour and boudoir style photography and has works for glamour clients such as Maxim and boudoir clients such as La Senza, not mention countless personal commissions from many women desiring to look their very best. For personal glamour or boudoir photo shoots confidentiality of of upmost importance and the resulting shots are never shared with anyone or posted online.


Different occasions that clients in Vancouver have requested glamor photography would be for birthdays or special events, bachleorettes or just someone wants to look beautiful. Many times girlfriends or wife's will order a boudoir shoot for their husbands or boyfriends as a gift. This is an amazing gift for both parties as it raised the sexy status of woman in the eyes of the man but also is a life long memorabilia of how amazing the woman looked on that particular day. Gift certificates are available for Vancouver clients and growing in popularity.

The top reasons for Ordering a glamour or boudoir photo shoot are:

1: You are not getting any younger. Many people delay and delay thinking that they will somehow look better in a couple months, but life happens and times get busy and diets are broken then you look back a year later and the only thing that has changed is age. Many happy customers have told me they have been putting off the shoot for 3 years and wished they had done the session back then. Seize the moment and go for it!

2: Something to show you grandchildren. When you are an adorable 99 year old surrounded by your adoring grandchildren asking what you used to look like, you will be proud to pull out your Tom Hawkins Glamour Shoot photos from when granny was a hottie and watch the youngsters stare in amazement and admiration. That is just something money can't buy.

3: You are beautiful. Deal with it. Why hide it away from the world and yourself. The glamour shoot day is the one day of the year you can bask in a little vanity and self loving. You have earned it.

4: Pro makes the difference. Taking photos with your iphone or ipad is all well and good but when professional minds conspire with the expressed intent of revealing your true beauty the results can be truly amazing. Top quality equipment, studio lighting and pro retouching makes the difference form hot photos to amazingly beautiful photos. A pro photographer like Tom Hawkins things all day and night how to make people look their very best in photos, Likewise his make up and hair talent and working non stop in the industry just making people look great all the time.





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