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Why Choose Tom Hawkins?

• Full Time Photographer - Photography is my profession so you can book day or night and get focused photography sessions.

• 100% Commitment to Quality - From high paying clients to simple headshots, I treat every photo shoot as if it were my very last. My skills are ever developing and each photo shoot is better than the last.

• Fast Turn Around - If you need photos in a hurry, I can always make time to shoot and print photos in record time.

• Always Advancing - I strive for perfection and am never satisfied with my current work. Although I receive loads of praise for my photographs, I still feel that I can do better until I achieve Top Ranking Photographer of Canada! :)

• Disarming - I realize that photo sessions can sometimes be a nerve racking and intimidating experience. I do my best to put people at ease and open up a comfortable flow of communication. Keeping a person relaxed and happy is a very important aspect of a successful photo shoot.

• Energetic - Photography is my passion and there is nothing that I love to do more than take excellent photos. I get excited and look forward to each and every photo session which leaves my energized and full of life.

• Not Creepy - It's sad that I would have to add this as a quality but many of you ladies know well what I mean. I carry a very professional manner and value my reputation as a genuine beauty photographer.

• I see your vision - I have excellent communication skills and can usually figure out what exactly it is that you would like to achieve. I love when clients have a certain vision that we can work together to create.


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