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Commercial Photographer in Vancouver

Tom Hawkins offers excellent commercial photography in vancouver and surrounding areas. Day rates, Half day rates and hourly rates are available and very affordable. Please call or email for quotations for any commercial services.

Commercial Photography services available:

• Corporate Photography
• Product Photography
• Hotel Photography
• Restaurant / Cuisine Photography
• Yearly report Photography
• Industrial Photography
• Author Photography
• Publishing and Front cover Photography
• Magazine Photography
• Architectural
• Special Event Photography
• Governmental Events Photography

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Advertising Photography

Commercial Advertising photography in Vancouver seems to have taken it's own style by way of humor photography and descriptive story style photography. Local Vancouver advertising firms hire the best professional photographers for each particular assignment. For larger commercial shoot usually there are brand executives and art directors involved with deciding the treatment of the photo shoot. /for these lager type shoots usually a fair bit of pre planning is involved.

A commercial advertising photographer must be on he top of their game in regard to current advertising trends and fashions. In most cases the final outcome is largely depending on how the ad works by regards of image placement and text placement. Pro Retouching makes a huge difference and can set the overall mood of the shot. Heavy composting and image manipulation is very much in style these days. One thought on this is that when a casual viewer passes by an advertisement that a natural image that has been heavily modified to the point of disbelieve they cannot ignore an at least give a few seconds of attention. It is basic human nature to look at things that are not quite right.


Corporate / Executive photography

Professional commercial photography in an intricate facet of any sucessful business. Most business in the world deal with either products or services.

Do you need professional commercial photography? Ask yourself:

Are my customers swayed by public opinion?

Do my customers desire quality?

Is my public perception as an executive or professional in my field important?

Personal business photos: Are they necessary for your business?

If you already have a firm personal business network that does not rely on gaining new customers or public perception then I can honestly say you will most likely not benefit from a professional photo session. Lets say you are a logistics manager for a large transportation firm, or notary public with plenty of large clients already. Spending good money for high end professional photo may or may not really effect your career.

If however you are business personal who's public perception matter in any way then getting the most professional commercial photos will greatly enhance your career in the workplace or in the entrepreneurial market.

Most of us hope that other will get to know us and how excellent we are at our given professions. The sad but true part of life is that people judge your image first then get to know you later. First impression s are hard to change even months after meeting someone. If your first impression by way of photo is less than fantastic all the more effort will need to reverse the potential customer's opinion of you. Potential clients or partners will not get to know you properly and find out about all you excellent work skills, ethics and energy and then make a decision to hire your services. Likely they will judge your photo and a few other small superficial indicators and decide to call and inquire or move on to the next.

If you are a realtor seeking corporate headshots or executives needing a new corporate branding, getting professional commercial photos is absolutely necessary to conveying your brand image.

Commercial Product Photography

Professional product photography is absolutely necessary to giving the correct depiction of the product. It does not take many trials to figure out that t is much harder than it looks. Getting the lighting and post production just right is a hard earned skill that develop over time. The standard pure white backdrop has seen a huge resurgence lately as many companies are seeking the financial advantage of cutting out the middle man (by way of wholesalers) in point to point product sales. The pure white product style lends it's self perfectly to online commercial sales as it shows the product in the most simple and pure form.


Commercial Photographer in Vancouver