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Unease behind the Camera /Camera Shyness

From most of my personal encounters with camera fright, the main elements seem to revolve around a few key issues that are basically entwined with social economic status and inner confidence.The main underlining factor in camera fear is the burden of social status.

What will they think of me?

This self defeating apprehension dates back to to the earliest humans. One of the greatest and deeply rooted fears is the fear of alienation from the group or tribe. In the pre modern world humans traveled and lived in clans and groups that worked together to hunt/gather and care for their young. If a person were to be cast away from the group that person would face starvation and many other ailments that would lead to certain death over time. Even though in modern times people can live and prosper on their own, there still remains the basic instinct to please, appease and gain admiration of the group.

To conquer your camera fright you must first believe that you deserve excellent photos and know that those around you will want you to have great photos.



Tips for Posing for Beginner Actors:

The key purpose of any actor headshot is to leave a powerful and memorable impression, while appealing to both the agents and film casting directors.

An actor must sell themselves as a desirable asset to a film. Eye Control
Bring the viewer into the photo by penetrating the camera lens with your eyes. The actor must glow with an electrifying intensity that dazzles the viewer and stirs the soul.

• remove all doubt in your eyes and eyebrows
• relax your shoulders
• release the tension in you jaw
• let the eyes sparkle with warmth and intensity


Catering to a role

With my photo sessions I find it beneficial to achieve a few different emotions and roles. If an actor is versatile enough in a variety of aspects pertaining to portraying convincing role, this greatly increases the desirability to film casters and directors. It is essential to have a variety of different photos to display the versatility and suitability of an actor in many different roles.


Tips for Beginner Models

Great Modeling skills:

A models' number one Asset is to sell. Sell the product, sell the mood, sell the image sell the atmosphere.

Great Modeling shots can be achieved by:

• relationship with camera
• loose yourself in the moment
• Playing the part
• releasing oneself from the mental confines of societal indoctrination
• Divest your mind from all the vices and superfluities in life

Different moods

, most common in contemporary fashion advertising is the sullen dejected look,, This is most popular because it is only the first step to displacing ones emotions. Although it works well in many situations (especially when attempting to gain empathy from the jaded belittled consumer) I always like to push further to explore more emotions.

It is my opinion that the most powerful look is the look of energetic contentment. It is hard to deny a radiant glow on any level. In my humble opinion: to shine with an uninhibited zeal is to evoke in the viewer fond and subconscious memories of a carefree and joyous moment in their lives.

Connect to Photographer or art directors vision
do not see the camera as a obstacle of nervousness but as a medium to release your physical beauty and energy.



Tips for Great Corporate or Business Headshots:

The primary objective with corporate headshots is to give an accurate and sometimes inflated image of ones persona. The photo should represent a dynamic, intelligent and affable person with high business standards. This can be easily achieved though a few basic concepts:

1. Draw the viewer into the image though the eyes.
2. Let your posture reflect power and energy
3. Your expression should exude confidence and friendliness
4. If in doubt; think of how you would look if you just ran into an old friend or client on a nice sunny day at the beach.
5. Relax, don't over analyze yourself. Its only photos.


Apparel for Corporate Headshots:

Clothes should be simple but classy. Remember you don't want to distract from the main attraction (that would be you).
For gentlemen: A nice business suit or nice button up dress top. Darker colours usually work well. Avoid turtlenecks.
For women: A nice blouse or suit. Muted colours of Silk or satin usually looks nice. Avoid loud clashing colours. Nothing that makes too much of a fashion statement.

Things to avoid:
• bright pinstripes (subtle grey stripes on a dark suit is ok)
• Bright Orange or Red
• Floral patterns
• Loud clashing colours

Have fun with it, remember you're having a photo session not a board meeting.

Attitude is 90% of every great photo.



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