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Photogrpahy Package #2 information


What exactly is included?
• a 3 look photo session, World class photographs taken by Tom Hawkins
• a preview CD, to select which photos from the session you favor
• 3 Fully retouched 8x10 or 8x12 prints (black and white or colour)

Can I get other Photos printed from the photo session?
Yes each additional (different pose) 8x10 that you would like enlarged is $25 (this price includes touch ups)

This photo session usually takes 2 to 3 hours , although there is no time limit.

Photos can be shot in the studio or on location or both.

What to wear?
Bring a lot of clothes and shoes. We will decide together which outfits will best suite your image. Try to decide before hand what sort of image you would like to convey and bring a couple outfits for each image you would like to do.

Bring hair products and combs/brushes with you. we might want to change up your hair between each shoot.

Color or Black and White?
You can have your choice. All photos are taken in color and can be converted to black and white at no additional cost so you can mix and match your photos.

Can you do touch ups?
Yes you get the Tom Hawkins famous touch ups at no extra cost.

When do I get my Photos?
You can see your previews in as little as 24-48 hours. After you pick which one or ones you would like printed; allow 1 week for touch up and printing. Special rush jobs are available upon request.

How do I see my previews?
You can request a CD or if you are really anxious to see your photos, I can post them to my website in a dedicated preview area (no one else will be able to see them).

I'm nervous !?
Relax. The camera will not hurt you. I can honestly say the more at ease you are, and comfortable you are in your own skin the better the photos will turn out. Worrying about what other will think is a waste of time. If you relax and have a good time you will have excellent photos to show to everyone!

Things to remember while shooting:
• put your shoulders at ease.
• good posture
• If you smile, make it genuine, think of a funny moment in time
• relax
• if you don't like your pose, change it
• be comfortable and natural in your pose



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