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Nature and Landscape Photography


   Although it may seem to belong more to the world of fine art photography or to a realm of its own, if you were to ask many of the photographers who specialize in nature and landscape work, they would probably say that they work in a specialized segment of the commercial photography market. The fact is that scenic and nature photography is used millions of times a day around the globe in advertising, books, postcards, and calendars.

You've seen this kind of photography in both color and black and white. I won't attempt to educate you here about becoming the world's next great landscape photographer. However, the ability to visualize, see, and translate creative vision to film or digital is essential to commercial photography. Nature photography makes you see your planet in ways you may have never seen it before. The next time you are traveling or even looking at beautiful landscape photography, look at the scene's composition and lighting. Look at the camera angles, the shapes, and the whole feel of the scene.


Nature and Landscape Photography
Nature and Landscape photography

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photography Vancouver


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