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  Nature and Landscape photography in Vancouver can be defined as both fine art and commercial art. Sometimes these labels can be confusing. Look at the various applications for nature photography, and then you can make the distinction in your own mind. An example of fineart nature photography would be a gallery show of beautifully executed black and white landscapes.

The photographer's intent was to transform or perhaps just share the landscape they experienced with their lens and artistic vision. These images are supposed to hang on the wall and be appreciated for their aesthetic value. You can go into almost any reputable photography gallery in Vancouver and find wonderful examples of both black and white and colour renderings of landscapes, seascapes, and other natural scenes. You will notice that the photographers, at least the good ones, sell their work in such galleries for a reciprocal price.


Vancouver Landscape photographer
Vancouver Landscape photographer

   Back to our discussion of landscape photography as commercial art. Just think about the endless possibilities. Many nature or landscape photographers are hired or commissioned for their very special skills. They may be contributing to a book about a specific region or country. They may be commissioned for specific ad campaigns that want to capitalize on the beauty of nature. An advertising agencies in Vancouver generally would not hire a studio stilllife or people photographer to shoot landscapes.


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photography Vancouver



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