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Commercial Digital Photography


   Commercial Digital photography can also fall into the category of product illustration when the images also contain products. However, Digital photography can take many other forms and cover many categories. I'll take you through a basic fashion photography, and I'll show you an example of a catalog location portrait. I'll also explain how to shoot models on location.

    Because this category of photography is so broad, later I will give you an overview rather than an indepth discussion of some relevant and contemporary techniques and some interesting camera angles demonstrated with vibrant images. When you do people commercial photography, you'll learn the importance of being able to work with and direct personalities. You'll also come to understand the importance of model release forms, examples of which are provided later. I will discuss finding models, talent, and stylists.


Commercial Digital
Commercial Digital Photography

    The revolution in digital technology has made quite an impact on the photography world. While many photographers are afraid of this highly technical medium, the truth of the matter is that digital photography is here to stay. It will only get more prominent. Think of it as yet another resource in your equipment arsenal. There are appropriate and inappropriate ways to use digital imagery, and a photographer always needs to be a good artist and a good technician. A photographer will always need a sense of "vision" and an understanding of lighting, color, and composition to create.

     Clearly, we are rapidly becoming a smaller, more connected world through technology, and every day, millions of new visuals are released into the marketplace via the Web. If you look at technological advances as exciting new challenges, you will not only survive the digital jungle but prosper in it.

     How does someone get started in commercial photography? While that may seem like a simple, straightforward question, it actually requires a lot of thought, soulsearching, and research.

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