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   At my Vancouver photo studio, I found a unique way to combine my years of experience with my diverse interests in photography. I shoot mostly high end fashion photographs, which include some product photography as well as musicians and celebrities. I also shoot people and landscape photography. How do these elements work together for me?


Commercial Studio Photo
Commercial Studio Photo

    I like working in the studio, and I enjoy the challenge and fast pace of commercial fashion work. Because I am a people oriented person, I wanted more of people photography in my portfolio. They were not too difficult to incorporate because most of my commercial fashion clients clients advertise their products in real life or "lifestyle" settings. I was able to shoot a lot of both people and products. This soon expanded to annual report coverage for the same clients.

The mixture of Fashion people and products was the ideal way to keep my world constantly challenging, changing, and therefore interesting on a day today basis. Researching and discovering what you like will help you move toward really getting started.

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